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Perinatology Services

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Perinatology Services

Our Maternal Center in Womens health center provides high quality care to treat maternal and fetal conditions impacting pregnancy. Trained staffs through our expert perinatologists treat patients and families in a kind and respectful atmosphere that makes you to fall in love with our cared services.

You will be benefitted from direct access to our neonatologists and a variety of pediatric specialists where disciplinary care is provided for high-risk patients and unborn babies. Our specialized perinatology services in coimbatore ensure you the cared outcome for the baby and mother’s health. We serve patients in and around coimbatore, some of our patients visits us from various districts and states through our past patient’s referral which may prove our quality in patient care.

Consultation and Diagnostic Testing

  • + Diagnostic sonograms
  • + Chorionic Villus sampling
  • + Fetal echocardiograms & MRI
  • + Genetic counseling through geneticists
  • + Patient education
  • + Maternal serum screening
  • + Patient’s health conditions diagnosis
  • + Multiple delivery
  • + Pregnancy loss
  • + Congenital anomalies
  • + Consultations and surgical care

Our specialized perinatologists regularly analyze the medical challenges of pregnant women and assist them with education, encouragement and develop self-confidence

Normal Pregnancy Care

Normal pregnancy is an area of priority in Womens Health center. We understand that your life takes a huge turn in the moment when you find you are expecting a child. Thus, our specialists work with you throughout your pregnancy by providing all kind of services including your preferred/medically-needed delivery option and postnatal care. Our highly skilled obstetricians are one of the leading practitioners in coimbatore.

Most of the mother’s in Coimbatore prefer Womens health center for their maternity care through our quality specialist for pregnancy care. Our hospital is equipped with modern rooms for the fantastic joyous moment which makes you to feel like that you are in your home

We will analyze your past and present medical history reports and do a thorough examination through lab investigations and ultrasound examination. Further, we discuss your possible course on pregnancy and delivery option based on your condition. By the time, you will be called back for frequent checking whenever our obstretician thinks it is required. The best checkup routing will be monthly once up to seventh month and then every week from the ninth month to until delivery date.

Through our modern Ultrasound lab, we assess your baby safely and easier without any pain. Our careful examinations check whether there are any abnormalities in the baby, structurally normal and the growth. Our lactation consultant helps you by running free classes on getting ready for breast feeding. Mothers who desire to have their family members can intimate us and share the joy of labour with you. Our dietician will guide you about the nutritional requirements during your pregnancy with do’s and don’ts in your food intake. For obese, diabetic and blood pressure affected patients, we avail you the dedicated individualized couselling. Thus, our objective is to guide women for best preparation on resulting the more chances towards normal delivery with less problems for mother and baby

Womens Health Center
Dr. R. Rajini

M.D., D.G.O., DNB.

Dr. R. Rajini is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician experience more than 20 years in these fields. She completed MBBS from Coimbatore Medical College in 1992, DGO from Stanley Medical College and Hospital in 1996 and MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Madurai Medical College in 2003.