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Pre Pregnancy Counselling

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Pre Pregnancy Counselling

To reduce the risks during pregnancy and increase the chance of safe and health delivery, we provide best prenatal care. We can predict accurately and provide specific medications to avoid low weight of new born babies. Some of the healthy habits that we suggest to the patients while attending pre pregnancy counselling includes quitting smoking and drinking alcohol, taking folic acid supplements daily, dietary supplements, avoiding contact with toxic substances.

Infertility Counselling

Womens Health Center infertility counselling specialists teaches the patient with guidelines by identifying the common causes of infertility conditions like PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome). This is a condition that often inhibits the ovaries from producing an egg. The common problems associated with PCOS are early menopause, thyroid problems, chronic long term illness such as diabetes, cancer or kidney failure. We also provide counselling to few more possible causes results in infertility like problems with the womb or fallopian tubes & PID (Pelvic inflammatory disease).

Menopause Counselling

Women’s struggling from menopause symptoms like mood swings, mild depression, anxiety and stress are urged today for the need of menopause counseling. Our major approaches in menopause counseling includes cognitive, behavioural, psychodynamic and person-centered. Our qualified therapists fit well with all of your needs.

Womens Health Center
Dr. R. Rajini

M.D., D.G.O., DNB.

Dr. R. Rajini is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician experience more than 20 years in these fields. She completed MBBS from Coimbatore Medical College in 1992, DGO from Stanley Medical College and Hospital in 1996 and MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Madurai Medical College in 2003.