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Scan Centre

Womens health centre

Scan Centre

From the moment we hit teenage we begin to find out about reproduction, and not simply the how, but also the why. We're taught about the really worth and feel of achievement which can come hand in hand with having a family, so clearly we develop up believing that once the time comes for us to create are personal descendants, we will be able to achieve this. But when there is a time arrives where we are unable to conceive, our heart breaks. Infertility is one of emotional and sad struggle from the earliest times.

Ultrasound Scan Centre

Womens Health Center Ultrasound Scan centre is the most preferred scan centre in coimbatore for leading obstetricians and gynecologists in coimbatore with best quality of service since inception for fetal scanning, pregnancy scanning, chorionic villus sampling, cord blood sampling, screening tests interpretation and genetic counselling. .

Biochemistry Lab

Womens Health Center Biochemistry lab in coimbatore is a centre of excellence for gynecological and pregnancy testing where we are well known for our caring service expertise in advanced technologies. Through our quality control system, our biochemistry lab is monitored and which provides us a very accurate test reports.

Andrology Lab

Our automated andrology lab in coimbatore provides detailed semen analysis, semen functional tests, preparation of semen for IUI and Semen banking from donors. We accurately assess the number of immature cells, white blood cells and provide counselling to the couple by explaining which treatment is the best suited for them. Our computer-assisted techniques are commonly approved by WHO.

Womens Health Center
Dr. R. Rajini

M.D., D.G.O., DNB.

Dr. R. Rajini is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician experience more than 20 years in these fields. She completed MBBS from Coimbatore Medical College in 1992, DGO from Stanley Medical College and Hospital in 1996 and MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Madurai Medical College in 2003.